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Tips on choosing computer mouse

Written By: Rebecca Beckett.Rebecca Beckett is a freelance writer for Innuity.For more information about ergonomic mouse or finger mouse, go to Cirque.

"we spend a lot of time at our desks. It is essential that we create the perfect ergonomic workspace"

How to choose the computer mouse

Choosing the right ergonomic equipment for your office space can make a world of difference. It might mean coming home feeling less physically tired or stressed because your body will feel so much better.

There are many different types of computer mouse in the world today. Several examples include the finger mouse, the wireless mouse or the mouse pen. Here are a couple tips that you should follow when looking for that perfect ergonomic mouse for you.

Hand Position
Consider the position your hand is in when it is on the mouse. Make sure it feels comfortable and allows your hand to remain in a natural position. When standing, your hand should fall at an angle. Many ergonomic mice may have an angled surface to imitate a natural position.
Rest your Wrist
If you don’t have one already, make sure your mouse has a wrist rest. It should be connected to the mouse pad so that it remains stationary and allows you to completely rest your wrist. Generally you will find these rests made out of a gel or flexible type of material to provide ultimate comfort. And actually, it should be your palm resting on the rest and not your actual wrist.

While these two ideas may seem common and simple, they need to be used more in the workplace. Employers need to provide their employees with the necessary equipment. Let’s face it – we use our mouse so frequently – it is an obviously essential piece of office equipment. This is why it is one of the hottest selling items in the computer market today.

One of the main ways that the mouse has changed over the years is that developers have created the infrared movement sensor.

This has allowed the mouse to become more ergonomic and has eliminated the need for the roller ball. Next, they made it wireless. No more wrists jerking to loosen up those tangled cords. And, you must admit, it’s nice not having to clean out that roller ball when it gets clogged.Okay, so you’ve shopped around and have chosen your new ergonomic mouse. You’ve positioned it on your desk just right with the wrist rest. Even with the top of the line ergonomic mouse, ergonomic experts still say that using keyboard shortcuts whenever possible is still much better for you and probably faster in the long run too.

Even though you may now have the best ergonomic mouse – don’t forget about the other things too. Make sure you have a good chair and that you are sitting up straight in it. Consider a footrest.

Why not try out an ergonomic keyboard. Think about a glare filter on your computer screen to help with those headaches. And above all else – take a break! Rest your wrists, your eyes, your back and your head. Take a deep breath and stretch.

One thing is certain: we spend a lot of time at our desks. It is essential that we create the perfect ergonomic workspace.

From the office chair we sit in all day to the keyboard we type each e-mail on – it’s all essential. However, don’t forget that small piece of office equipment it is so easy to overlook: The ergonomic mouse.

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