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Choosing the right Intel CPU

Which is the latest top speed CPU?

CPU is one of the major part of you PC,choosing the right CPU probably the most headead part for computer hardware newbie,not only for new computer user,it also happened on those who planning to upgrade their PC..What are those Corei 3,i4,i5 Stand for?dual core ? 4 core?6 core??Core Clock? Isn't that confusing you?

Below listed the The Entire 2010 Intel CPU ,Nehalem/Westmere lineup .

ProcessorCore ClockCores / ThreadsL3 CacheMax TurboTDPPrice
Intel Core i7 980X3.33GHz6 / 1212MB3.60GHz130W$999
Intel Core i7 9753.33GHz4 / 88MB3.60GHz130W$999
Intel Core i7 9603.20GHz4 / 88MB3.46GHz130W$562
Intel Core i7 9302.80GHz4 / 88MB3.06GHz130W$284
Intel Core i7 8702.93GHz4 / 8 8MB3.60GHz95W$562
Intel Core i7 8602.80GHz4 / 8 8MB3.46GHz95W$284
Intel Core i5 7502.66GHz4 / 48MB3.20GHz95W$196
Intel Core i5 6703.46GHz2 / 44MB3.73GHz73W$284
Intel Core i5 6613.33GHz2 / 44MB3.60GHz87W$196
Intel Core i5 6603.33GHz2 / 44MB3.60GHz73W$196
Intel Core i5 6503.20GHz2 / 44MB3.46GHz73W$176
Intel Core i3 5403.06GHz2 / 44MBN/A73W$133
Intel Core i3 5302.93GHz2 / 44MBN/A73W$113
Intel Pentium G96502.80GHz2 / 23MBN/A73W$87

If you have no idea what is Nehalem and Westmere .

Nehalem is the codename for an Intel processor microarchitecture, successor to the Core microarchitecture.Westmere (formerly Nehalem-C) is the name given to the 32 nm die shrink of Nehalem. The first Westmere-based processors were launched on January 7, 2010 and branded as members of the Core i3, Core i5, and dual-core mobile Core i7 families.(wiki)Choosing the right Intel CPU

For you information,you should forget about the model that listed on top of the table,there are hi- end CPU which is so fast ,faster that you can imagine, if your propose is just upgrade your PC speed ,buying those expense toy might not value for money,you might need to buy other related hardware to match the performance of the top speed CPU.My opinion is,Intel Core i3 serials is more that enough for most desktop task like video editing,surfing,etc.

*This post is not a review post for Intel CPU

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In most of the cases you are going to need to have a large storage,fast loading time computer system,even you not going to use it each and every day,large amount of storage and memory space is necessary for today demanded application software needs, but for those just in case situations when dealing with a bunch of unexpected tasks,you will be willing to prepare something fast and get the jobs done if you have an fast machine.Good news is the new hardware today can easily be used both home PC desktop and laptop.

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