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Intel dual core processors and Quad-Core processor

Planning to buy the new PC?  instead of purchasing pc which has pre-defined configuration assemble a new one.How about DIY your own PC? Computer hardware component such as system memory; RAM, hard disk,,DVD ROM drive is easy to choose. But when it come to the center unit processor,we all confused.There are so many CPU center unit processors that we can choose from.If you having problem on don't know which intel CPU to choose from .Check out our post at Choosing the right Intel CPU

Basically  ,there are dual core processors and Quad-Core processor.Intel Pentium series Dual-Core processors were part of Intel's mainstream line of x86 microprocessors until 2009, all modal under the  name Intel Pentium.The prices for the Intel Core 2 Duo will be lower , go and check out the latest  45nm Intel core 2 duo processor price and cost from Internet.

Intel Core 2 Duo T5750 VS. Intel Pentium Dual Core T5800
The cache capability of both processors is same. They both have cache of 2MB. They also have same speed just about 2 GHz. There is only difference between them is FSB. The FSB value for Dual core T5750 is 667MHz and for Dual core T5800 it is 800 MHz. I am not sure, but may be the Dual core T5800 the newer version of the dual core processors. It is obvious thing to go with latest versions instead of using older ones. Newer versions always have improved functions to make our work simple. If you ask me to make a choice between these two I always prefer Intel Dual core T 5800.

As far I know about processors both of them are core operating system with same speed that is 2.0 GHz. As far I know there are following features available with Dual core T5800:-

    * L2 cache about 2 MB in size.
    * It has 800MHz front side bus.
    * Power consumption just around 35 watts.
    * Processor socket as p type sockets.
    * Merom-2M based Architecture with 65 nm.
    * Use SSE3, SSSE3 technology.

Balamohan Balamohan

Instead of concentrating on all the features of processor I always concentrate on one simple feature while buying new processor and that is the chipset used by processor for mating purpose. The Dual core T5750 uses Centrino1 chipset whereas Dual core T5800 uses Centrino2 as a chipset for mating purpose. And one more point that I want to tell you that both of them are using wireless cards of appropriate chipsets. I have working experience on both of these processors. According to my point of view I always go with Intel core Duo T5800. It is really better than Intel Dual Core T5270. I also suggest you to search for latest releases of processors. Which are better than Dual core T5800.

I am not much familiar about Intel core processors series but I know about features of core duo T5270. The features associated with Intel Core Duo T5270 are as mentioned below:-

    * It belongs to Intel Core 2 Duo series.
    * Its MeromClock Rate is 2000.
    * It uses 667 as front side bus.
    * Number of cores available is two.
    * Power consumption is just about 34 watts.
    * Maximum temperature supportable is 85C.

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If you plan to buy a computer component guides to learn on how to do build a powerful system.If you are not in hurry, i really don’t see any necessity in doing this. As far as you know the power of Internet ,and know how to use the Internet to learn and to browse the products that you wish to buy,do your research ,you can find a bunch of free, useful and interesting information regarding these aspects. However,there might too much information that confused you.

This blog will share with you some of my favorite computer parts and buying tips when it comes to buying computer hardware parts. However,even if it seems like nothing complicated for dummies.

We all have difference need on the system that we need,before give our hard earned money to any retailers out there. Knowing what you really need is necessary?

In most of the cases you are going to need to have a large storage,fast loading time computer system,even you not going to use it each and every day,large amount of storage and memory space is necessary for today demanded application software needs, but for those just in case situations when dealing with a bunch of unexpected tasks,you will be willing to prepare something fast and get the jobs done if you have an fast machine.Good news is the new hardware today can easily be used both home PC desktop and laptop.

If you are out going person , it is a good to have powerful high speed laptop with mobile wireless broadband connection.It will definitely prove to be very helpful for your Carree. If you are totally newbie ,there is so much to be learn. This informational blog will show you how to get the right computer hardware without wasting a lot of money and time on research.